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SDM gearboxes

Torque range: 50 – 680 Nm

For applications where tool access to the bolt is limited, The SDM (Small Diameter Multiplier) Gearboxes can provide you a solution.

Based on RAD’s long experience with planetary gear reduction technology, the SDM Gearboxes were originally designed for confined space applications in the aerospace industry. However, these versatile tools are useable in many industries were difficult to reach bolts need to be tightened.

The SDM Gearboxes can be combined with industry standard nutrunners (pneumatic, battery, electric) and have a maximum torque output up to 680 Nm. Final torque and RPM will depend on the chosen SDM gearbox model, its ratio and the capacity of the chosen nutrunner. Torque accuracy and repeatability will be similar as the chosen nutrunner.


All SDM Gearboxes are delivered with:

  • SDM gearbox
  • Tombstone mounting plate
  • Standard nutrunner fixation
  • Calibration certificate


  • Mostly, bespoke reaction arms are needed for SDM applications. Therefore, reaction arms are not included.



Product range linedrawing_sdm
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28490SDM Gearbox 3401:23¼"½"0,3 Kg55 mm48 mm48 mmn/a
28530SDM Gearbox 3401:23⅜"½"0,3 Kg55 mm48 mm48 mmn/a
28520SDM Gearbox 3401:23¼"¾"0,3 Kg55 mm48 mm48 mmn/a
28570SDM Gearbox 6801:23⅜"¾"0,4 Kg55 mm48 mm48 mmn/a
28550SDM Gearbox 3401:65¼"½"0,3 Kg69 mm48 mm48 mmn/a
28560SDM Gearbox 3401:65⅜"½"0,3 Kg69 mm48 mm48 mmn/a
28480SDM Gearbox 6801:65¼"¾"0,4 Kg69 mm48 mm48 mmn/a
28510SDM Gearbox 6801:65⅜"¾"0,4 Kg69 mm48 mm48 mmn/a
28470SDM Gearbox 6801:93¼"¾"0,4 Kg69 mm48 mm48 mmn/a
28500SDM Gearbox 6801:93⅜"¾"0,4 Kg69 mm48 mm48 mmn/a


RAD also offers the SDM Gearboxes as a complete toolkit. This is a turnkey SDM combined with angled battery nutrunner. Please take a look at SDM Battery Series for more information.


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