Contact with RAD

The official RAD Master distributor for Europe, Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa.

Visiting and postal address
RAD Torque Systems B.V.
Zuidergracht 19
3763 LS  Soest
The Netherlands

Opening hours
Monday / Friday from 8:30 till 17:30

On holidays, RAD has different opening times

Contact information
Phone: +31 (0)35 588 24 50

Email for general information
Email for inquiry, delivery time and quotation
Email for technical support & services

Meet the RAD EMEA commercial team

marcel antoinette salvatore
Marcel Birkhoff
Antoinette Essenburg
Office Manager
Salvatore de Jong
Marketing Communication Manager


magchiel eelco kenny
Magchiel Hoogendoorn
Sales Netherlands
Eelco Kool
Sales International
Kenny Viskens
Sales International


diederik claudia barbara
Diederik Bekkering
Business Development Manager
Claudia Wijnands
Internal Sales
Barbara Vos
Internal Sales


walter ruben
Walter Drieënhuizen
Sales Engineer
Ruben Dreesman
Technical Support Manager


Pand RAD Torque

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