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RAD Torque product brochure 2020 (Nederlands)
RAD Torque product brochure 2020 (English)


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Pneumatic Series
B-RAD SELECT & OFFSET Battery Series
SDM Battery Series
V-RAD SELECT Electric Series
MV-RAD Electric Series
E-RAD BLU Electronic Series
Smart Sockets™ Series


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RAD Connect - PRODOCS (official Android download)2.20Android 4.1 and up2018-09-181.097 kb
RAD Connect - PRODOCS (direct download)2.14Android 4.1 and up2016-07-131.097 kb


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Tool rental (Benelux countries)
Custom reaction arm
Custom made safety sliding reaction arm

When completed the request form, please e-mail it to our sales department.
 Please do not hesitate to contact us if there are any questions.


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Smart Bolting for the Wind Power Industry (EN)
Wind Turbine Bolting Solutions (EN)
Making Bolting Sockets Smarter (EN)


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RAD Torque Systems Logo.JPG126 kb2016-11-25
RAD Torque Systems Logo.PNG25 kb2016-11-25
RAD Torque Systems Logo White.EPS319 kb2016-11-25
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