New 7.0 Ah LiHD high-performance battery pack

The combination of new high-performance battery cells and completely newly developed electronic components in the pack ensure that maximum power remains available for a longer time. The new 7.0 Ah LiHD battery pack is redesigned in a way that it still fits on all RAD battery powered torque wrench models but it will tighten even more bolts as compared to the already impressive performing 5.2 Ah batteries.

Unfortunately, because of the increased power output, RAD is not able to airfreight the 7.0 Ah battery due to IATA restrictions. These restrictions do not apply to sea and overland transport. Therefore RAD’s battery powered torque wrenches will not be equipped as standard with the LiHD 7.0 Ah battery pack but with the current 5.2 Ah battery pack.
As a result RAD offers the LiHD high-performance battery pack as an optional item for non-airfreight deliveries.

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