As Verlenging

Torque range: 300 – 4.600 Nm

Nose Extensions
was designed with flexibility in mind for all hard to reach applications. The Separte Nose Extension has a paddle welded onto the end of the Nose Extension.


{"lang-en": "", "lang-nl": "", "lang-de": "Prod. Nr.", "lang-it": "N. Prod.", "lang-es": "Prod. n.º", "lang-fr": "N° de prod."}{"lang-en": "Suitable for", "lang-nl": "Geschikt voor", "lang-de": "Geeignet für", "lang-it": "Adatto a", "lang-es": "Apta para", "lang-fr": "Convient pour"}{"lang-en": "Dim. A", "lang-nl": "Afm. A", "lang-de": "Maße A", "lang-it": "Dim. A", "lang-es": "Dim. A", "lang-fr": "Dim. A"}{"lang-en": "Dim. B", "lang-nl": "Afm. B", "lang-de": "Maße B", "lang-it": "Dim. B", "lang-es": "Dim. B", "lang-fr": "Dim. B"}{"lang-en": "Dim. C", "lang-nl": "Afm. C", "lang-de": "Maße C", "lang-it": "Dim. C", "lang-es": "Dim. C", "lang-fr": "Dim. C"}{"lang-en": "Dim. D", "lang-nl": "Afm. D", "lang-de": "Maße D", "lang-it": "Dim. D", "lang-es": "Dim. D", "lang-fr": "Dim. D"}{"lang-en": "Reaction arm", "lang-nl": "Reactiearm", "lang-de": "Reaktionsarm", "lang-it": "Braccio di reazione", "lang-es": "Brazo de reacción", "lang-fr": "Bras de réaction"}
1419514 GXn/a324 mm44 mmn/a11842
1420014 GXn/a400 mm44 mmn/a11842
1420514 GXn/a476 mm44 mmn/a11842
1818520 DXn/a349 mm51 mmn/a20153
1905820 DXn/a400 mm51 mmn/a20153
1905920 DXn/a476 mm51 mmn/a20153
1209634 GX127 mm330 mm51 mm83 mmFixed
1206134 GX127 mm406 mm51 mm83 mmFixed
1209734 GX127 mm470 mm51 mm83 mmFixed
1175046 GX142 mm318 mm51 mm86 mmFixed
1175146 GX142 mm394 mm51 mm86 mmFixed
1175246 GX142 mm470 mm51 mm86 mmFixed


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