035-5882450 Extreme duty torque wrenches for heavy-duty applications

As Verlenging

Torque range: 300 – 4.600 Nm

Nose Extensions
was designed with flexibility in mind for all hard to reach applications. The Separte Nose Extension has a paddle welded onto the end of the Nose Extension.


{"lang-en": "Prod.no.", "lang-nl": "Art.nr.", "lang-de": "Prod.nr", "lang-it": "N. Prod.", "lang-es": "Prod. n.º", "lang-fr": "N° de prod.", "lang-da": "Prod.nr."}{"lang-en": "Suitable for", "lang-nl": "Geschikt voor", "lang-de": "Geeignet für", "lang-it": "Adatto a", "lang-es": "Apta para", "lang-fr": "Convient pour", "lang-da": "Egnet til"}{"lang-en": "Dim. A", "lang-nl": "Afm. A", "lang-de": "Maße A", "lang-it": "Dim. A", "lang-es": "Dim. A", "lang-fr": "Dim. A", "lang-da": "Dim. A"}{"lang-en": "Dim. B", "lang-nl": "Afm. B", "lang-de": "Maße B", "lang-it": "Dim. B", "lang-es": "Dim. B", "lang-fr": "Dim. B", "lang-da": "Dim. B"}{"lang-en": "Dim. C", "lang-nl": "Afm. C", "lang-de": "Maße C", "lang-it": "Dim. C", "lang-es": "Dim. C", "lang-fr": "Dim. C", "lang-da": "Dim. C"}{"lang-en": "Dim. D", "lang-nl": "Afm. D", "lang-de": "Maße D", "lang-it": "Dim. D", "lang-es": "Dim. D", "lang-fr": "Dim. D", "lang-da": "Dim. D"}{"lang-en": "Paddle reaction arm", "lang-nl": "Paddel Reactiearm", "lang-de": "Paddel reaktionsarm", "lang-it": "Pagaia braccio di reazione", "lang-es": "Paleta prazo de reacción", "lang-fr": "Pagayer bras de réaction", "lang-da": "Padle reaktionsarm"}{"lang-en": "Standard reaction arm", "lang-nl": "Standaard reactiearm", "lang-de": "Standard reaktionsarm", "lang-it": "Standard Braccio di reazione", "lang-es": "Estándar Brazo de reacción", "lang-fr": "Standard bras de réaction", "lang-da": "Standard reaktionsarm"}
1419514 GXn/a324 mm44 mmn/a1351211842
1420014 GXn/a400 mm44 mmn/a1351211842
1420514 GXn/a476 mm44 mmn/a1351211842
1818520 DXn/a349 mm51 mmn/a2015319772
1905820 DXn/a400 mm51 mmn/a2015319772
1905920 DXn/a476 mm51 mmn/a2015319772
1209634 GX127 mm330 mm51 mm83 mmFixedn/a
1206134 GX127 mm406 mm51 mm83 mmFixedn/a
1209734 GX127 mm470 mm51 mm83 mmFixedn/a
2764140 DXn/a305 mm51 mmn/a1348413515
2764340 DXn/a381 mm51 mmn/a1348413515
2765140 DXn/a457 mm51 mmn/a1348413515
1175046 GX142 mm318 mm51 mm86 mmFixedn/a
1175146 GX142 mm394 mm51 mm86 mmFixedn/a
1175246 GX142 mm470 mm51 mm86 mmFixedn/a