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Project Manager Wind Energy at Wanzek Construction Inc.

There are many benefits to electric torque equipment including time, durability, calibration/testing capabilities, simple operation, torque & angle settings, and many more things. I will hit on a few of the advantages below.

First and probably the most important would be time savings verses using a Hydraulic pump. To torque the flanges with an E-RAD it takes a fraction of the time. Almost in half, this allows the tower climbers to fly the next section in and have the flange completed before the ground guys are ready to bring up the next section. This saves on wait time for the ground crew along with allowing the tower climbers to get to the next section and get prepped before the next section arrives. The time is also based off of the durability of the E-RAD, there is minimal if any down time with an E-RAD and hydraulic torque equipment tends to overheat leaving time where there is no torque operations being completed.