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SDM battery series

Torque range: 50 – 680 Nm

Miniature size, giant performance

RAD had originally designed the SDM (Small Diameter Multiplier) gearboxes for the aerospace industry where tool access is limited and quality and precision standards are high. Because of the compact design, the SDM gearboxes can be a real solution for applications where tool access to the bolt is very restricted and relatively high torque is needed.

The low weight and size reduce operator fatigue and eliminate the use of large and tiresome manual torque wrenches. Combined with a quality nutrunner, the SDM Series provide repetitive precision with excellent durability thanks to clever materials and smart bearing technology.

Two options

  • SDM Gearbox only: Can be combined with a standard industrial nutrunners (electric, pneumatic and battery) of your own choice. See SDM gearboxes for a complete list of SDM gearboxes.
  • SDM Battery Series Toolkit: Ready to go toolkits equipped with a standard industrial angled battery nutrunner with which torques up to 680 Nm can be reached. An easy turnkey solution.


SDM Battery Series Toolkits
The SDM Battery Series is powered by a standard angled battery nutrunner (8 – 12 Nm output), which combined with the SDM gearbox is capable for a torque output up to 680 Nm. The SDM Battery Series will be calibrated on one pre-specified torque setting, multiple torque settings are not possible.


All SDM Battery Series Toolkits include:

  • SDM gearbox
  • Battery powered angle nutrunner
  • 1 pcs 18V/4.0Amp battery with Li-Ion batteries with charger 220v
  • User manual
  • Calibration certificate



  • Mostly, bespoke reaction arms are needed for SDM applications, therefore reaction arms are not included.
  • The torque setting must be specified with the purchase order.



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3000143SDM Toolkit 3401:23½"25 - 340 Nm0,3 Kg510 mm48 mm75 mm86 mm115 mm
3000144SDM Toolkit 6801:65¾"50 - 680 Nm0,3 Kg510 mm48 mm75 mm100 mm130 mm


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> To B-RAD EXT-R series 175 – 1.400 Nm