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E-RAD BLU-S electronic series

Torque range: 135 – 15.000 Nm

In addition to the standard E-RAD BLU, RAD also offers the E-RAD BLU-S, a transducer equipped E-RAD BLU for the highest accuracy on the market featuring torque measurement on the bolt.



This electronic torque wrench automatically adjusts and calibrates itself via a built-in transducer on your bolt connection. This system eliminates all joint sensitivity.

The E-RAD BLU-S has its transducers position on the outpoint of the gearbox and guaranties therefore that torque displayed is torque applied to the fastener.



Features E-RAD BLU-S:

  • Highly advanced Data Logging and Tool Management features
  • Password protection on 3 user levels: basic, intermediate and advanced
  • Operator identification – Ensures traceability of each torque sequence performed
  • Capable of torque and angle bolting sequence
  • LED indicator lights (Pass/Fail) – Located on both sides, these visual signals indicate the status of torque procedure for maximum accuracy
  • Controlled bolting – repeatability of +/- 2%, accuracy of transducer +/- 1%
  • Extremely low noise level – only 75 dB
  • Optional:
    • Additional torque wrenches*
    • 120V Control box
    • 6,1 and 7,6 meter control box cable

* Additional torque wrenches are supplied with reaction arm, weatherproof storage case and calibration certificate.


The E-RAD BLU-S Series control box provide the interface for all E-RAD BLU-S Tools. The E-RAD BLU-S control box allows the user to dial up and down, using the touchscreen. Torque and angle can be set in single digit increments to their desired torque. With one control box you can manage the torque range depending on your connected E-RAD BLU-S torque wrench.


  • 50 X 76 mm – Touchscreen
  • Standard with variable torque and angle control
  • Field calibration
  • Multi-user level password protection
  • Life cycle and maintenance counters
  • Advanced data collection & operator identification

 E-RAD BLU-S torque wrenches:

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🠋 26937E-RAD BLU 950-S¾"135 - 950 Nm158,1 Kg366 mm80 mm78 mm245 mm
🠋 26938E-RAD BLU 3400-S1"340 - 3.400 Nm1010,8 Kg406 mm85 mm78 mm245 mm
🠋 22759E-RAD BLU 4000-S1"675 - 4.050 Nm813,3 Kg456 mm98 mm88 mm260 mm
🠋 25282E-RAD BLU 8000-S1½"1.385 - 8.100 Nm415,7 Kg456 mm115 mm100 mm260 mm
🠋 26939E-RAD BLU 10K-S1½"2.034 - 10.000 Nm217,7 Kg456 mm120 mm105 mm265 mm
🠋 29315E-RAD BLU 15K-S1½"4.000 - 15.000 Nm222,8 Kg492 mm127 mm127 mm304 mm



  • 90° offset trigger handle
  • Lifting hanger
  • Hand guard


All E-RAD BLU-S torque wrenches include:

  • Built in transducer
  • Reaction arm and retaining ring
  • Weatherproof storage case
  • Controller cable 4,6 meter
  • Digital torque controller case
  • Data logging software
  • User manual
  • Calibration certificate
  • Safety instruction on USB stick