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Wheel nut bolting pneumatic series

Torque range: 400 – 2.450 Nm


The RAD wheel nut bolting series were designed with one job in mind: wheel nut bolting where torque control is a must. Accidents caused by incorrect tightened wheel nuts are considered a serious problem in the industry. Especially impact wrenches are notorious for these problems, while at the same time they increase the risk of HAVS related injuries. RAD planetary gear torque wrenches are vibration free and have the accuracy to prevent accidentally under – and over tightening. The fixed nose extensions are ideal for reaching wheel nut studs that are recessed and where tool clearance is a problem.

  • Removable custom reaction arms designed to fit virtually on any wheel configuration
  • Extended reaction point for safe and quick operation
  • High accuracy to ensure correct tightened wheels
  • Controlled bolting – accuracy of +/- 4% and repeatability of +/- 2%
  • Extremely low noise level – only 80 dB.


The fixed nose extension (-R)
was developed exclusively for extreme duty maintenance of mining haul trucks from 50-400 ton capacities and front end loaders. The extended nose allows safe access of virtually all wheel configurations found on today’s heavy equipment.


{"lang-en": "Prod.no.", "lang-nl": "Art.nr.", "lang-de": "Prod.nr", "lang-it": "N. Prod.", "lang-es": "Prod. n.º", "lang-fr": "N° de prod.", "lang-da": "Prod.nr."}{"lang-en": "Toolkit", "lang-nl": "Momentsleutelkit", "lang-de": "Toolkit", "lang-it": "Toolkit", "lang-es": "Toolkit", "lang-fr": "Kit d'outil", "lang-da": "værktøjets"}{"lang-en": "Weight", "lang-nl": "Gewicht", "lang-de": "Gewicht", "lang-it": "Peso", "lang-es": "Peso", "lang-fr": "Poids", "lang-da": "Vægt"}{"lang-en": "Square drive", "lang-nl": "Aandrijfvierkant", "lang-de": "Vierkant-
antrieb", "lang-it": "Azionamento quadrato", "lang-es": "Accionamiento cuadrado", "lang-fr": "Entraînement à section carrée", "lang-da": "Firkantet drev"}
{"lang-en": "Torque range", "lang-nl": "Momentbereik", "lang-de": "Drehmoment-
bereich", "lang-it": "Range di coppia", "lang-es": "Rango de par", "lang-fr": "Plage de couple", "lang-da": "Momentområde"}
{"lang-en": "RPM", "lang-nl": "TPM", "lang-de": "Drehzahl", "lang-it": "GIRI/MIN", "lang-es": "RPM", "lang-fr": "t/min", "lang-da": "O/M"}{"lang-en": "Noise", "lang-nl": "Geluid", "lang-de": "Geräusch-
entwicklung", "lang-it": "Rumore", "lang-es": "Ruido", "lang-fr": "Niveau sonore", "lang-da": "Støj"}
1354110 GX-RM16 - M27¾"400 - 950 Nm11580 dB
2080920 NDX-R M20 - M361"400 - 2.000 Nm1080 dB
135632400 NGX-RM24 - M361"700 - 2.450 Nm1085 dB

* Based on 10.9 class bolt


The nose extension kit (-NX)
was designed with flexibility in mind. Complete with 3 different reaction arms and a nose extension for hard-to-reach areas, the GX-NX Kit is a go anywhere tool capable of a variety of applications but especially suitable for off-road construction equipment.



{"lang-en": "Prod.no.", "lang-nl": "Art.nr.", "lang-de": "Prod.nr", "lang-it": "N. Prod.", "lang-es": "Prod. n.º", "lang-fr": "N° de prod.", "lang-da": "Prod.nr."}{"lang-en": "Model", "lang-nl": "Model", "lang-de": "Modell", "lang-it": "Modello", "lang-es": "Modelo", "lang-fr": "Modèle", "lang-da": "Model"}{"lang-en": "Weight", "lang-nl": "Gewicht", "lang-de": "Gewicht", "lang-it": "Peso", "lang-es": "Peso", "lang-fr": "Poids", "lang-da": "Vægt"}{"lang-en": "Square drive", "lang-nl": "Aandrijfvierkant", "lang-de": "Vierkant-
antrieb", "lang-it": "Azionamento quadrato", "lang-es": "Accionamiento cuadrado", "lang-fr": "Entraînement à section carrée", "lang-da": "Firkantet drev"}
{"lang-en": "Torque range", "lang-nl": "Momentbereik", "lang-de": "Drehmoment-
bereich", "lang-it": "Range di coppia", "lang-es": "Rango de par", "lang-fr": "Plage de couple", "lang-da": "Momentområde"}
{"lang-en": "RPM", "lang-nl": "TPM", "lang-de": "Drehzahl", "lang-it": "GIRI/MIN", "lang-es": "RPM", "lang-fr": "t/min", "lang-da": "O/M"}{"lang-en": "Noise", "lang-nl": "Geluid", "lang-de": "Geräusch-
entwicklung", "lang-it": "Rumore", "lang-es": "Ruido", "lang-fr": "Niveau sonore", "lang-da": "Støj"}
1455014 GX-NX7,6 Kg¾"275 - 1.350 Nm2080 dB
1934020 DX-NX7,3 Kg1"400 - 2.000 Nm1080 dB
Dimensions  linedrawing_pneumatic_wnb
{"lang-en": "Prod.no.", "lang-nl": "Art.nr.", "lang-de": "Prod.nr", "lang-it": "N. Prod.", "lang-es": "Prod. n.º", "lang-fr": "N° de prod.", "lang-da": "Prod.nr."}{"lang-en": "Model", "lang-nl": "Model", "lang-de": "Modell", "lang-it": "Modello", "lang-es": "Modelo", "lang-fr": "Modèle", "lang-da": "Model"}{"lang-en": "Weight", "lang-nl": "Gewicht", "lang-de": "Gewicht", "lang-it": "Peso", "lang-es": "Peso", "lang-fr": "Poids", "lang-da": "Vægt"}{"lang-en": "Dim. A", "lang-nl": "Afm. A", "lang-de": "Maße A", "lang-it": "Dim. A", "lang-es": "Dim. A", "lang-fr": "Dim. A", "lang-da": "Dim. A"}{"lang-en": "Dim. B", "lang-nl": "Afm. B", "lang-de": "Maße B", "lang-it": "Dim. B", "lang-es": "Dim. B", "lang-fr": "Dim. B", "lang-da": "Dim. B"}{"lang-en": "Dim. C", "lang-nl": "Afm. C", "lang-de": "Maße C", "lang-it": "Dim. C", "lang-es": "Dim. C", "lang-fr": "Dim. C", "lang-da": "Dim. C"}{"lang-en": "Dim. D", "lang-nl": "Afm. D", "lang-de": "Maße D", "lang-it": "Dim. D", "lang-es": "Dim. D", "lang-fr": "Dim. D", "lang-da": "Dim. D"}
1354110 GX-R5,4 Kg368 mm63 mm69 mm228 mm
2080920 NDX-R7,3 Kg542 mm69 mm70 mm204 mm
135632400 NGX-R12,4 Kg546 mm76 mm83 mm241 mm
1455014 GX-NX3,6 Kg228 mm63 mm69 mm228 mm
1934020 DX-NX3,9 Kg203 mm69 mm70 mm204 mm


Air consumption

{"lang-en": "Prod.no.", "lang-nl": "Art.nr.", "lang-de": "Prod.nr", "lang-it": "N. Prod.", "lang-es": "Prod. n.º", "lang-fr": "N° de prod.", "lang-da": "Prod.nr."}{"lang-en": "Model", "lang-nl": "Model", "lang-de": "Modell", "lang-it": "Modello", "lang-es": "Modelo", "lang-fr": "Modèle", "lang-da": "Model"}{"lang-en": "Air motor", "lang-nl": "Luchtmotor", "lang-de": "Luftmotor", "lang-it": "Motore pneumatico", "lang-es": "Motor de aire", "lang-fr": "Moteur pneumatique", "lang-da": "Luftmotor"}{"lang-en": "At 6,7 Bar", "lang-nl": "@ 6,7 Bar", "lang-de": "Bei 6,7 BPM", "lang-it": "A 6,7 BPM", "lang-es": "A 6,7 BPM", "lang-fr": "@ 6,7 bpm", "lang-da": "Ved 6,7 BPM"}{"lang-en": "At 100 PSI", "lang-nl": "@ 100 PSI", "lang-de": "Bei 100 PSI", "lang-it": "A 100 PSI", "lang-es": "A 100 PSI", "lang-fr": "@ 100 psi", "lang-da": "Ved 100 PSI"}
1354110 GX-RNPW 120792 LPM28 CFM
2080920 NDX-RNPW 120792 LPM28 CFM
135632400 NGX-RNPW 1801130 LPM40 CFM
1455014 GX-NXNPW 120792 LPM28 CFM
1934020 DX-NXNPW 120792 LPM28 CFM


All RAD Pneumatic tools include:

  • Reaction arm and retaining ring
  • 3.6 meter hose
  • Lightweight  FRL unit (2 Kg) with tool holder, made from High Density Polypropylene and includes pressure gauge, filter, regulator and oiler
  • Lubricating oil for the FRL unit
  • User manual
  • Calibration certificate
  • Safety instruction USB stick




> To Single speed series 70 – 15.000 Nm

> To 2-speed series 150 – 4.000 Nm

> To TV series 400 – 4.600 Nm

> To ATEX certification