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Calibration benches

RAD Transducer series

Torque range: 100 – 9.500 Nm

The accuracy and the repeatability of RAD Calibration benches have earned an excellent reputation in calibration laboratories around the world. The RAD Tube Style Calibration System was specially designed to calibrate RAD (and similar) torque wrenches. With the Tube Style bench design RAD was able to further reduce torque defection therefore, increasing the accuracy of the torque reading. The special designed reaction arm slot allows for much faster calibration of tools.

The system is available in two sizes of which the longer model can be equipped with two transducer sizes depending on the required torque. The calibration values can be read directly from the transducer screen. In addition, the calibration values can be read and stored by linking the RAD transducer to the supplied tablet using the RAD pneumatic calibration software. The RAD Calibration System consists of Tube Style bench, the transducer, the simulation joint, impact sockets and a preinstalled laptop with the requisite RAD calibration software.

  • Torque range up to 9.500 Nm
  • Fully traceable calibration system, with recognized ISO 17025 calibration certificate
  • Screen on transducer makes it easy to read calibration value
  • Fast and easy link with RAD calibration software by using tablet
  • Up to 2,050 Nm classified up to BS 7882:2008 as Class 1 or better for primary torque range (+/- 0.5% of the reading from 20% to 100% of the full scale)
  • From 1,900 Nm to 9,500 Nm classified up to BS 7882:2008 as Class 0.5 or better for primary torque range (+/- 0.25% of the reading from 20% to 100% of the full scale)
  • The transducer is interchangeable with previous RAD RCA Calibration benches.


All RAD Calibration Systems include:

  • RAD Transducer
  • Tube Style bench
  • Simulation joint
  • Impact sockets
  • Preinstalled laptop
  • ISO 17025 accredited calibration certificate



Product range
{"lang-en": "Prod.no.", "lang-nl": "Art.nr.", "lang-de": "Prod.nr", "lang-it": "N. Prod.", "lang-es": "Prod. n.º", "lang-fr": "N° de prod.", "lang-da": "Prod.nr."}{"lang-en": "Model", "lang-nl": "Model", "lang-de": "Modell", "lang-it": "Modello", "lang-es": "Modelo", "lang-fr": "Modèle", "lang-da": "Model"}{"lang-en": "Drive size", "lang-nl": "Aandrijf maat", "lang-de": "Antriebsgröße", "lang-it": "Dimensioni dell'azionamento", "lang-es": "Tamaño de accionamiento", "lang-fr": "Taille de l'entraînement", "lang-da": "Drevstørrelse"}{"lang-en": "Torque range", "lang-nl": "Momentbereik", "lang-de": "Drehmoment-
bereich", "lang-it": "Range di coppia", "lang-es": "Rango de par", "lang-fr": "Plage de couple", "lang-da": "Momentområde"}
{"lang-en": "Weight", "lang-nl": "Gewicht", "lang-de": "Gewicht", "lang-it": "Peso", "lang-es": "Peso", "lang-fr": "Poids", "lang-da": "Vægt"}{"lang-en": "Dim. A", "lang-nl": "Afm. A", "lang-de": "Maße A", "lang-it": "Dim. A", "lang-es": "Dim. A", "lang-fr": "Dim. A", "lang-da": "Dim. A"}{"lang-en": "Dim. B", "lang-nl": "Afm. B", "lang-de": "Maße B", "lang-it": "Dim. B", "lang-es": "Dim. B", "lang-fr": "Dim. B", "lang-da": "Dim. B"}{"lang-en": "Dim. C", "lang-nl": "Afm. C", "lang-de": "Maße C", "lang-it": "Dim. C", "lang-es": "Dim. C", "lang-fr": "Dim. C", "lang-da": "Dim. C"}
23442CALIBRATION SYSTEM RAD 15001"100 - 2.000 Nm13,6 Kg247 mm138 mm281 mm
23443CALIBRATION SYSTEM RAD 35001"250 - 4.750 Nm28,9 Kg368 mm177 mm332 mm
23444CALIBRATION SYSTEM RAD 70001½"475 - 9.500 Nm29,3 Kg368 mm177 mm332 mm


Joint Stand

Maximum torque: 6.500 Nm

The Joint Stand for the calibration of torque wrenches with the Smart Sockets™ (up to 60 mm) has a maximum capacity of 6.500 Nm. The set consists of:

  • Bench
  • Simulation joint
  • Washers


{"lang-en": "Prod.no.", "lang-nl": "Art.nr.", "lang-de": "Prod.nr", "lang-it": "N. Prod.", "lang-es": "Prod. n.º", "lang-fr": "N° de prod.", "lang-da": "Prod.nr."}{"lang-en": "Model", "lang-nl": "Model", "lang-de": "Modell", "lang-it": "Modello", "lang-es": "Modelo", "lang-fr": "Modèle", "lang-da": "Model"}{"lang-en": "Max torque", "lang-nl": "Max aanhaalmoment", "lang-de": "Drehmomentkapazität", "lang-it": "Capacità di coppia", "lang-es": "Capacidad de par de apriete", "lang-fr": "Capacité de couple", "lang-da": "Maks. moment"}
19342Joint Stand6.500 Nm